Pink Ombre Art Pattern Cotton Tapestry


Ombré translates to shadow or shading. Given its unique color scheme that moves from light to dark, this tapestry belongs in the home of a creative and compassionate thinker. Seen as an older classic practice that dates back to the 1800s, this tapestry is truly timeless in its mystical beauty. Moreover, the Ombré technique was primarily used as a way of dying fabric. Another way to define ombré is the symmetric blending of one color hue to another. From a fashion standpoint, it is commonly a multi-hued stripe that has a light to dark color progression. If you're in need of enhancing your creative barriers at home, this tapestry is perfect for you!



Size: Approximately 80 inch x 55 inches


Materials: 100% Natural Cotton and Handmade


Included: 1 Handmade Tapestry