Mobile Dog Gear Bundle: 2 25oz Water Bottles


Mobile Dog Gear designs water bottles for your pup that ease the burdens of hydrating your dog while on the go. These 25oz Water Bottles are the perfect size for all types of dogs. Not only will they surpass the hydration needs of your furry friends, but their lids can also be used as a bowl for your dog to drink out of. Small and versatile, these water bottles are also extremely easy to store, designed for your personal convenience.


Our Mobile Dog Gear Bundle is designed to tailor to your dog's unique needs! It's as simple as removing the lid, pouring out the water, and letting your dog drink up. These bottles are both lightweight, easy to clean, and can handle the “ruff” and tumble on the go. These expertly designed bottles will have your pet hydrating in style!



  • Lightweight for ease of transport
  • Durable
  • Lid serves as a drinking bowl
  • Your beloved pets will never go thirsty again 




Dimensions: 3 inch L, 3 inch W, 10 inch H


Material: Stainless Steel 


Includes: 2 25oz Dog Water Bottles 


Color: Black and Blue