Feline Yogi Mat (Purple)


Purr-fect gift for cat lovers and yoga lovers alike. Our hand-crafted Feline Yogi Mat is modern in design and functions as a cat bed, cat scratcher, cat toy, and cat lounger all rolled into one! Our mat also offers something that can’t be found on any human’s yoga mat- a special kitty yoga prop made with sisal rope and a catnip stuffed natural twine ball. 


At this point, you may be asking - a yoga mat for a cat? Do cats even do yoga? The real question should be - do people do yoga nearly as well as cats? Cats are natural yogis. Their limber bodies and generally relaxed natural dispositions enable them to fall into a deep meditative state, which is the goal of yoga asana practice. Get your furry friend their yoga mat today! 




  • A no-mess surface for scratching and sharpening claws
  • A fun place for cats to be served catnip or treats without messing up carpets or floor
  • Can be brought to the vet as a seat for your feline friend, instead of them having to sit on the uncomfortable stainless exam tables
  • Made from a completely non-toxic and latex-free water-resistant material that easily wipes clean





Size: 17 x 24 inch deluxe 1/4 inch thick Feline Yogi Mat 


Color: Purple


Included: 1 Feline Yogi Mat