Cleansing Smoke Essentials Kit


Everything you might need to cleanse your space of negative energy can be found in our Cleansing Smoke Essentials Kit! This kit can be used in a variety of spaces to bring about good vibes and an overall more relaxing environment. Plus, your home will never smell better from all of the amazing aromas from the White Sage and Palo Santo Sticks.


White Sage 

Its smoke is used to "wash" the negative energy out of a space. When clearing the energy of a desired space using sage smoke, one can open doors to new opportunities and possibilities.

Palo Santo Sticks

A sacred wood from South America. Harvested sustainably when a tree branch falls, it’s been used in ancient ceremonies for ages. It produces minimal smoke with a sweet, woody scent with notes of frankincense, cedar, and licorice. 

The Abalone Shell 

Calls in the missing element of water, as the White Sage/Palo Santo calls in the earth, a candle flame calls in the fire, and smoke calls in the air. Our Abalone Shells are sustainably sourced from the surplus supply of food processing plants in Mexico.


Included: White Sage, a Matchbook, Palo Santo Sticks, an Abalone Shell, and Basic Instructions


Disclaimer: Spiritual healing and cleansing are techniques that are practiced among many. The information that is presented on these listings is not intended to be a prescription or replace any kind of medical care. See your doctor about all illnesses including cancer.