Premium Vibrant Yoga Mat

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Our Premium Vibrant Yoga Mat comes with an embossed pattern of different colors. With its elastic, durable, lightweight, and anti-microbial properties, this is the perfect yoga mat for any situation. The non-sticky and slip-resistant rubber surface provide great stability for yoga practice almost anywhere. The beauty of this mat is that it's made for any kind of floor, no matter where you are, or where you're going!




  • Comes in a reversible 2-tone embossed pattern with comfortable cushioning to support your body
  • TPE has the advantages of typical rubber and plastic materials and can be recycled and reused which do no harm to the environment after discarding
  • The premium TPE gives a slip-resistant and non-sticky surface, providing stability on hard and soft surfaces
  • With anti-microbial properties, this mat is made easy to clean, durable, elastic, and lightweight, making it an easily portable yoga mat





Size: 24-inch x 68-inch x 4mm thick (609mm x 1727.2mm x 4mm)